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Squoze is a craft citrus fruit products brand. It was born from the idea that ‘delicious’ and ‘natural’ can happen in the same drink. Bursts of freshness and unexpected delight take center stage in a SQUOZE artisan, hand-crafted citrus product.

A bold reimagination of lemonade, SQUOZE was created by Candice Beaty. She drew inspiration from the world around her, taking great pride in discovering new ways to repurpose traditional and non-traditional fruits, spices and botanicals into an array of tasty beverages.


Blended to perfection and combined with natures goodness, SQUOZE beverages or beverage enhancers are a breath of fresh air to an otherwise ho-hum lineup of todays products .

Needless to say, SQUOZE Products are really special. Try one to find out for yourself!

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